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Making Money Teaching Beginners The Basics Of Internet Marketing Has Never Been Easier!

"Discover The Real Secrets And Strategies You Need To Build A Solid Six Figure Income + Online Business

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The Highly Distilled, All-In-One Course To Accelerated Internet Marketing Success & Wealth Creation

Crazy Internet Marketing

From The Desk Of Arnold & Dennis
Full Time Internet Marketer

Do you want to earn money from home online, but have no idea how or where to get started?
Or perhaps you know of many ways to make money online, but still unsure as to what works for you and how exactly to get started?
Unless you've been on Mars for the past few years, you know that the Internet is the modern version of the Gold Rush. It's insane.

The income potential of the Internet is massive, no matter who you are. It doesn't matter if you have a business degree, or went to a prestigious university...heck, it doesn't matter if you barely went to school at all!

The challenge for most people, though, is knowing what to do and where to start.

Let's face it, if you're brand new to the game, it can be a big heaping pile of confusing. All the lingo, all the technical stuff, it's nuts. But I'm going to show you how it can be easy. So easy, in fact, that literally anyone can do it. Yes, that means you!

You can indeed work from home and make a killing owning your own home-based business.

And you can start seeing real cash coming in within days!


Internet is filled with many unknown minefield!

When it comes to breaking into something as huge as Network Marketing, the Web will chew you up and spit you out if you do not know what to do, where to do it - and how to do it.

To begin with you need a clear step-by-step -- day-by-day outline; showing you exactly where to go, and what to do.

You also need the EXPERIENCE of someone who has already gone through the testing, refining and HARD WORK so that you don't have to experience it yourself.

You're seeing other people already doing what you want to do, and you're convinced you can do it too.

Anyone in their right mind knows that if you were to try to cramp everything into your head right now, you will DIE from information overload. Period.

If you are currently employed, you already know that job security is a myth. You can risk losing your job anytime, and all the more chances now in this financial climate.

If you are an offline business owner, you can feel the pinch of the global recession effects on your business.

If you are currently unemployed or still studying, you don't need to get another job to find out the cold, harsh truth about the never-ending rat race.

Then I "broke through" and found a blueprint that worked. And when I say it worked, I mean it really worked - and it's still working like mad.

I've Been Making Easy Cash Online For Years - And I'll Teach You Exactly How To Do It!

I've been online more than long enough to see many wanna-be's who talk big but make small money. So-called 'gurus' that try to sell you their 'system' or 'money machines' but don't work.

Wherever you've been to, I've been there. Whatever you've done, I've done it too.

After years of pioneering my own online business, I discovered a truth that, initially I found it hard to believe, but now comforting to know.

And despite what you may think...


To start making an impact on your business and monthly bottom-line, all you have to do is simply do the few things that will change your tomorrow.

Sounds insane, I know, but it's real. And that's only one product launch, and one of my accounts.

For now, it's important to note that I didn't achieve this level of success because I'm a genius. Far from it. I'm not a techno wizard either (you might even say I started as a technical dummy).

What made the difference is finding a formula, a real blueprint, for using the Internet to generate huge income without having to work myself to death. It's as simple as that.

Now I'm going to help you do it. Introducing...

Crazy Internet Marketing

The Highly Distilled, All-In-One Course To Accelerated Internet Marketing Success & Wealth Creation!

Crazy Internet Marketing

What you really need is a solid plan to start your own Internet business, and I'm going to give it to you...even if you've never given this a shot before. I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do to create your own unlimited source of income on the Internet.

These methods have been proven to work – This is NOT some “guru” designed, complicated, hard to read and comprehend – “theory for Internet Marketing.”

This is unlike anything you've ever seen before! I didn't just write the thing...I live it. So, let me tell you what's in the most comprehensive program you've ever seen...

What makes this offer any different than the rest? You WILL MAKE MONEY with this program. You will not have to spend a dime of you own to work this program. Once you have bought the program, there are no more hidden costs. I CHALLENGE you to take the steps in this program, and give them an earnest try – and not make money!

"Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Amazing Things You're Going To Learn Inside Crazy Internet Marketing Membership.."

Affiliate Marketing

Crazy Internet MarketingIn this video series, you will learn how Affiliate Marketing system works so you can implement it easily. You will also learn the exact tools that we use and that also can use to setup your affiliate business successfully.

10 Video Courses

CPA Marketing

Crazy Internet MarketingCost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA) marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you find leads for a company. Learning the ropes of CPA marketing requires you to learn the specifics of this type of marketing and then apply or sign up with companies who hire CPA marketers. Find out how to learn and master CPA marketing through this courses!

7 Video Courses

Blog Marketing

Crazy Internet MarketingA nod from a trusted blogger can result in considerably higher sales for the recipient. Trusted figures in industry, popular product reviewers and critics often maintain blogs where they provide information about their experiences with some products and services. Readers tend to trust these reviewers and critics more as they are often unbiased. Learn the in and out of Blog Marketing!

5 Video Courses

Mobile Marketing

Crazy Internet Marketing

Mobile is already a standard of living. Almost everyone has a mobile these days, so why not take advantage of it? In this video courses we guide you on how to get into this market and how to get the most of it!

6 Video Courses

List Building

Crazy Internet Marketing

If you have been around the internet for some time, or heck, even if you are new, you might heard the saying that "the money is in the list". This is why we decided to teach you everything we know on how to build and grow your list! With a powerful list, money is not a problem!

15 Video Courses

Offline Marketing

Crazy Internet Marketing

Offline marketing is the opposite of online marketing. Online marketing is marketing/advertising done over the internet. Offline marketing is the traditional methods of marketing such as television/newspaper/magazine adverts, posters, jingles, etc etc. Even online businesses can benefit from offline marketing and most usually utilise both online and offline marketing strategies. Get started now!

11 Video Courses

Video Marketing

Crazy Internet Marketing
There is a clear disconnect between the kind of content brands create versus what users actually consume on the web. So what do brands have to do to connect with consumers more deeply in the participation age? You’ve guessed it folks; interactive video content.

6 Video Courses


Crazy Internet Marketing
WordPress is one of the easiest website building platforms on the planet. It’s so simple and so flexible that it has quickly become the standard website building solution on the market. To start your online venture, WordPress is almost a necessity, and we will teach you how!

10 Video Courses


Here's the full list of our professional courses in the member's area!

  • Affiliate Marketing - 10 Video Courses
  • Article Marketing - 9 Video Courses
  • Blogging - 5 Video Courses
  • Cpanel Basic - 22 Video Courses
  • CPA Marketing - 7 Video Courses
  • Ebook Creation - 11 Video Courses
  • Email Marketing - 7 Video Courses
  • Forum Marketing - 10 Video Courses
  • Joint Ventures - 8 Video Courses
  • List Building - 15 Video Courses
  • Make Money Online - 14 Video Courses
  • Marketing Basics - 30 Video Courses
  • Marketing Roadmap - 15 Video Courses
  • Membership Site - 8 Video Courses
  • Mobile Marketing - 6 Video Courses
  • Offline Marketing - 11 Video Courses
  • Pay Per Click - 6 Video Courses
  • Product Creation - 11 Video Courses
  • Private Label Rights - 12 Video Courses
  • Social Media Marketing - 13 Video Courses
  • Seo & Traffic - 10 Video Courses
  • Video Marketing - 6 Video Courses
  • Wordpress - 10 Video Courses

Total 253 Video Course
in Member's Area!


Your Membership in Crazy Internet Marketing gives you instant access to HOT Selling digital products

Start selling them today for instant profits! You can also use these products as lead generators, bonuses for other products, one-time-offers, upsells, downsells, or backend offers! Our video packages come with Master Resell Rights and include sales pages and promo materials, graphics and more… You can sell with basic, resell or master rights, include in paid membership sites and offer as bonuses to your other products!

  • You can sell these products over, and over again ... as many times as you like!
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  • The bonus products added to the member's area are new...
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  • Build yourself an online empire with many different products.
  • Save yourself hundreds of dollars...
  • Create multiple income streams...


You'll be able to take these websites, edit them with your name and order button and upload them to your server ready to make sales starting today!

Why on earth am I giving you all these extras? One reason.. trust. You see I want re-assure you that not only will you make your money back with the resell rights products, but you'll be making several hundred dollars extra because you'll own your own set of power selling sales machines!

Look at it this way, if you made just 1 measly sale in 1 month, you've already made a profit, and that does not include the profit you're going to be making with the mainstream products! You simply can not lose!

You don’t need to create your own web site! We’ve really made this a complete no-brainer, it’s all part of our dedication to YOUR success.

Receive 5 High Quality PLR Reports That You Can Rebrand, Compile As PDFs And Give-Away

If you are ready to take your business to the next level by shifting your focus to boosting sales and increasing your commissions, then you'll love being a member at Crazy Internet Marketing because our job is to make your life a LOT easier...

Inside the Crazy Internet Marketing member area you can get all the ready made content and resources you need to build a highly targeted and responsive mailing list...

Building a reputation online is a tiresome and laborious job. A lot of marketers spend years, not to mention tens of thousands on product creation and outsourcing costs!

When you use these private label reports, your prospects are going to think that YOU created them. There won't be a single trace of where the report came from or who wrote it! For all they know you're the expert and the source to go to for more insider knowledge! This puts you in a great position to promote your own products and recommend others as an affiliate!

Imagine making an unlimited amount of money with these professionally written reports and email messages designed to grow your reputation in the marketplace and deliver tremendous cash returns without you ever having to write a word yourself...

But how about build multiple mailing lists targeted to cater to the needs of your subscribers?

With these powerful lead-sucking squeeze pages you'll will not have any trouble getting opt-ins because they have been carefully configured for high conversions!

Customize these templates how you like, use them as part of your sales funnel, place a one-time offer behind them plus so much more!

Finally see an end to high unsubscribe rates and spam complaints. These templates alone will do the job right!

Access To Free Tools and Resources

You also will get instant access to over 300 free tools that will make your web business much more profitable! Here's a very small sample of what is included in these 300+ free tools:

Free FTP software, free office suite application, free image editing software, free video editing software, free audio recording and editing software, free video and screen capture software, free antivirus/firewall, free SEO tools, free keyword research tools, free HTML editor, free PDF tools, and much more!

Internet Marketing isn’t rocket science – but having access to good quality training can slash months off the time it will take you to reach the top. (it’s a powerful way to learn all about every aspect of Internet Marketing).

BUT as a valued member of my site, I want you to have the very best information at your fingertips immediately putting you on the fast track to success.

That’s why your membership also includes instant access to my specially created Internet Marketing Library, packed with hundreds of pages of valuable information on almost every marketing topic you could possibly think of…

...There are marketers selling ONLY A FRACTION of these courses on the Internet for hundreds of dollars. Here in You will get access to ALL THIS INFORMATION for only $47!

No kidding when I say there are Professional Internet Marketers out there training others in Just a Small Part of the making for $5,000 to $10,000 per head... and this is exactly how valuable the information is!

Fortunately, I have no intention of charging you anything that exorbitant. I was in your position once and I know the feeling of not having enough money. I owe my success to several little things that guided me along the way, even when money was tight after I wasted it all on 'make money' programs that didn't work.

How about $1,997?

The market is BIG beyond imagination there is opportunity in every local business and companies wanting to expand online.

... It won't cost even $997!

Over here, it's a totally different ball game. There's no who's who guru your clients will compare you to, and the basic online marketing knowledge you took for granted can now be cashed out over and over again!

Get The Best Internet Marketing Information To Help Entrepreneurs Save Time & Money While Making Online Profits... All At ONE Place!"

Get Started Today For Only $47!

Well there you have it. Join our membership now by clicking on the red button above. You will go through the process of subscribing to my course online via the secure server and after successful payment with PayPal, you get access to these videos through the membership area immediately.

"Everything You Need To Know To Start Making Your Own Money Online Today Is All In One Course!"

NO more guesswork, NO more shooting in the dark, and certainly NO more enduring years of trial and error!

All the mechanics of starting and launching your own successful Internet Business is packaged into one ultimate course. What takes the average person to become a successful marketing expert in years... you can now shortcut your way to success in under just a few hours!


  • The amount of time and effort you save from guessing and testing unnecessarily, not to mention wondering aimlessly online!
  • The amount of mistakes you prevent yourself from making and enormous cash you save from it, too!
  • The amount of money you could be making in the shortest time possible!
  • The lucrative lifestyle of working from home without having to join the early morning rush hour, wasting at least 3 to 4 hours a day which is best spend doing something else other than staying idle in traffic jams!

The 'newbie' barriers have been knocked down, and level of entry to become the next Internet Marketing Millionaire is lowered... so you can finally...

Enrich YOUR personal economy!

Did you know that a lot of the richest people in history were made during the toughest of times, like the Great Depression back in the 1920's?

Now that the 'dot com' opportunity has presented itself to us today, there is no time before more exciting than NOW! The knowledge to build your own million dollar empire from virtually thin air is staring back at you!

Believe me, I've looked for years for the definitive course to recommend to people. I couldn't find it! So I created my own, where I could make it exactly what I wanted it to be. Now you get to benefit from that.

The results of using what I'm going to show you can be truly astounding. I'm talking about a truly unlimited Internet income. That means cash flow like this anytime you want...

Now this skill is yours to take home with. And you can NEVER, EVER go broke!

Will YOU Become The Next Internet Millionaire?

To be frank, I could very well start a coaching program or workshop based on these materials you are seeing right now, and charge $2,997 per head. Really. A lot of marketing gurus are doing that today, some charging even in the $5,000 - $10,000 per head for their marketing secrets!

And if you ask me - it's well worth every dollar spent.

If my material can help you make thousands of dollars a month, that's EXACTLY how much my course is valued at.

And if this is just the single skill responsible for helping your escapade from your full-time job and unleashing your time freedom to do anything you want and move to more important things in life... won't that be just INVALUABLE?

This is priceless information when put in the right hands. Hands that work to see them happen.

I know and I can say this with conviction because this is what I do all the time.

And in the interest of helping you out (in exchange for a testimonial later hopefully)...

Join Crazy Internet Marketing now and start generating real internet income!

"Grab An Unfair Advantage Over The Rest By Accepting This Very Special Invitation To Join The Crazy Internet Marketing Memberships"...

Crazy Internet Marketing

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So, with excitement and anticipation, please reserve my spot to ensure I will be grandfathered in before the doors close on this once in a lifetime opportunity...

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P.S. Don't let the fear of not knowing limit your ability to make a substantial living online hold you back! This product alone will help you get solid results faster than doing and figuring out all the fussy work by youself!

P.P.S. Be smart! Take advantage now whilst this offer is still fresh in your mind. I'm so confident that you'll love the techniques used in this product that you're backed by an iron-clad 60-day guarantee. Take action now!

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